Monopoly! Mike Daisey’s brilliant monologue

Posted by Chris Wray on May 4, 2009 in reviews |

I was awed by Monopoly!, a hilarious and riveting one-man performance performed recently in Colorado Springs. Written by master storyteller Mike Daisey, this 100-minute monologue brilliantly weaves his own autobiographical stories with seeming disjointed historical tidbits, which in the end, reveal a profound and unified tapestry of philosophical and historical events.  In Daisey’s own voice, he brings to life George Parker of Parker Brothers Monopoly fame, inventors Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, the quiet genius Nikola Tesla, and even billionaire Bill Gates in an unscripted and extemporaneous tale that leaves you howling with laughter, and by the end, inspired by Daisey’s sublime poetic verse.

Have a peek at Invincible Summer, Daisey’s sharp-witted, personal accounts of New York City.



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